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endomysium IgG (IFA)
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily (IFA Immunofluoresence) Units: TITeR Range: Negative Remarks: endomysial antivodies are useful in the diagnosis of gluten-sensitive enteropathies. The presence of these antibodies to any one or ...

electroph. Hb
Sample: Whole Blood 0.5 mLStatus: AccreditedSchedule: Twice weekly Units: Range: HbA2 levels < 3.5% of total Hb Remarks: Hemoglobin A2 levels have special application to the diagnosis of beta-thalassemia trait, ...

e. Coli 0157 Verotoxin (VTeC)
Sample: Stools (4oC)Status: CY LabSchedule: 3 daysRange: Negative (eLISA test)Remarks: