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endomysium IgG (IFA)
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily (IFA Immunofluoresence) Units: TITeR Range: Negative Remarks: endomysial antivodies are useful in the diagnosis of gluten-sensitive enteropathies. The presence of these antibodies to any one or ...

eN ISO 15189:2007
Quality Management     Our Laboratory is awarded by the International Organization for Standardization through the Cyprus Organization for the Promotion of Quality (CYS) with the Accreditation eN ...

electroph. Hb
Sample: Whole Blood 0.5 mLStatus: AccreditedSchedule: Twice weekly Units: Range: HbA2 levels < 3.5% of total Hb Remarks: Hemoglobin A2 levels have special application to the diagnosis of beta-thalassemia trait, ...

e. Coli 0157 Verotoxin (VTeC)
Sample: Stools (4oC)Status: CY LabSchedule: 3 daysRange: Negative (eLISA test)Remarks: