ENA (II) Extractable Nuclear Antigens

Sample: Serum 0.5 mL

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday (Western Blot)


Range: Negative

Remarks: ENA are autoantibodies that usually produce a speckled IF pattern when Hep-2 cells are used to detect ANA and are normally directed against extractable protein complexes in the nucleus.

The ENA (II) Panel includes the following tests:

      Anti nRNP Antibody      
      Anti Sm Antibody        
      Anti SS-A/Ro Antibody   
      Anti Ro-52              
      Anti SS-B/La Antibody   
      Anti Scl-70 Antibody    
      Anti PM-Scl             
      Anti Jo-1 Antibody      
      Anti Centromere Antibody
      Anti PCNA               
      Anti dsDNS              
      Anti Rib P-Prot         
      Anti Nucleosome         
      Anti Histone Ab         
      Anti Ribosomal Protein  
      Anti AMA-M2


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