Abroad Tests Service

Abroad Tests Service is an important service offered by our laboratory where our clients can solve the challenging problem of how to carry out highly specialized or infrequent tests.The policy of our laboratory is to contact only Laboratory institutions that offer accredited services, choosing the most recognized centers mainly within the European Union and, in certain cases, from the United States.

Is important to remark that we undertake the whole responsibility at all stages of the process of sending samples abroad:

  • Contacting (usually by phone) the appropriate Laboratory institution that offers the highly specialized or rare test.
  • Preparing the suitable sample (Serum, Plasma, Body Fluids, etc) and packing it according to IATA Regulations
  • Preparing a special container with dry ice or similar substance to keep cold the sample during the transportation.
  • Arrange of payments of all fees from the Laboratory institution as well as all costs of the sample preparing and transport.
  • Following up for the destination of the sample (tracking of parcels).
  • Finally, getting on time the results from the Laboratory institution and reporting the result


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