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total IBC
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily Units: ug/dL Range: Remarks:

tPMt (thiopurine Methyltransferase)

thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin


tSH Receptor Antibodies

testosterone Free Index tFI

tartrate Phosphatase (Cytochemistry)
Sample: Blood, Bone marrow smear Schedule: Saturday Units: Range: Remarks:

tORCH (toxo Rub CMV HSV)
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily (Immunofluorescence) Units: Range: Remarks: tORCH is a group of four investigations performed in the first trimester of pregnancy and includes: toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes.

tumour Markers

tissue antibodies
Sample: Skin frozen section Schedule: Daily Units: Range: Negative Remarks: Direct immunofluoresce test for detection of IgA, IgM, IgG, IgD, C3 and C4 deposits on skin biopsies. this tests are ...

tegretol (Carbamazepin)
Sample: Serum (taken just before the next dose) Schedule: Daily Units: μmol/L Range: Remarks: Carbamazepin is a potent antiepileptic drug and is effective alone or with other antiepileptic drugs in ...


toxoplasma IgM (IFA)
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily (Inmmunofluorescence) Units: titer Range: A positive IgM titer may indicate acute infection Remarks: toxoplasma (t. gondii) is endemic in cats and is excreted by them with faeces. ...

thyroid Function Profile
Sample: Serum (See Collection Instructions) Schedule: Daily Range:  Ft3, Ft4, tSH, AtGA, tPO Remarks: the hormones of the thyroid gland have effect almost on all tissues increasing cellular activity, therefore ...

toxoplasma Avidity test
Sample: Serum Schedule:WeeklyStatus:  CY lab Units: % Range:  > 30%  High avidity (Past Infection)          20 - 30 % ...

tRH thyreotropin
Sample: Schedule: Units: Range: Remarks:

troponin t
Sample: Blood EDtA (refrigerate) Schedule: Daily Units: ng/mL Range: Less than 0.1ng/mL Remarks: troponin t test is used mainly to detect injuries of the cardiac tissue as well as a predictive ...

thyroglobulin Antibody
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily Units: IU/mL Range: Less than 10 IU/mL Remarks: Antithyroglobulin antibody test is used in the investigation of autoimmune thyroidits(Hashimotos disease). About 50% of patients with chronic ...

thyroid Microsomal Antibody tPO
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily Units: IU/mL Range: Less than 20 IU/mL Remarks: tPO (thyroid peroxydase antibody) or thyroid Microsomal antibody test is used in the differential diagnosis of hypothyroidism and ...

Sample: Serum 0.5 mLSchedule: Daily Units: ng/mL Range: (See table below) Remarks: testosterone is the principal androgen in men and its production in the testes is regulated through a negative ...

trypsin Activity (Stools)
Sample: Stools Schedule: Daily Units: Units Range: See table below Remarks: trypsin is always present in high amounts is stools of normal children. In adults the activity is much less ...

toxoplasma IgG (IFA)
Sample: Serum 0.5 mLStatus: Accredited Schedule: Daily (Inmmunofluorescence) Units: titer Range: Any positive titer indicates past contact with t. gondii Remarks: toxoplasma (t. gondii) is endemic in cats and is excreted ...

thyroglobulin level
Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily Units: ng/mL Range: Up to 55 ng/mL Remarks: thyroglobulin levels are elevated in goiter and thyroid hyperfunction, inflammation or physical injury of the thyroid, and thyroid ...

Sample: Serum Schedule: Daily Units: titer Range: Negative Remarks: tPHA (treponema Pallidum Haemaglutanation Assay) is used as a complementary test to VDRL (RPR) for syphilis infection. False-positive results may be ...

tSH Receptor Antibodies
Sample: Frozen Serum Schedule: Friday every two weeks Units: U/L Range:         < 1.0 Negative                1.0 - 1.5 Borderline                     > 1.5 Increased Remarks: thyrotrophin Receptor Antibodies (tR-AB), also called ...


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