Heart Profile

Sample: Serum

Schedule: Daily

Range: FBC, ESR, CK, CK-MB, SGOT, LDH, Homocysteine, CRP, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Atherogenic ratio, LDL/HDL, Triglycerides

Remarks: The origin of the chest pain may include: heart attack (blocking of the blood flow to the heart), angina (temporary restriction of the blood flow to the heart, especially during times of exertion), pericarditis (often caused by a viral infection), aortic dissection (aortic aneurysm, a partial tear in the aorta which causes a dissection of the inner layers of the aortic wall and bleeding into and along the wall of the aorta), coronary spasm (temporary closing down the blood supply to the heart due to a spasm of the coronary artery).


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