SHBG Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Sample: Serum

Schedule: Daily

Units: nmol/L

Range: (see tables below)

Remarks: SHBG (or testosterone-oestradiol binding globulin TeBG) is the principal transport protein for Testosterone. Serum levels of SHBG are increased by estrogens and thyroid hormones, and are suppressed by androgens reating in this way a dynamically control the liver synthesis of this carrier protein. Decreased levels of SHBG are seen in hirsutism, virilization, obese postmenopausal women, and in women with diffuse hair loss. Increased SHBG levels may be present in cases of hyperthyroidism, testicular feminization, cirrhosis, male hypogonadism, pregnancy, women using oral contraceptives, and prepubertal children. The lower the SHBG the higher the Free Testosterone in blood.


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