SGOT (AST) Aspartate Aminotransferase

Sample: Serum 0.5 mL

Status: Accredited

Schedule: Daily

Units: U/L

Range: (See table below)

Remarks: SGOT(AST), one of the transaminases, is increased because of chronic alcohol ingestion and cirrhosis (SGOT(AST) and it is usually is less than300 U/L. In acute viral SGOT(AST) may be increased 10 times or more above its upper limits of normal. Increased SGOT(AST) values are found also in hemochromatosis and necrosis related to toxins. In myocardial infarction SGOT(AST) peaks about 24 hours after infarct and returns to normal 3-7 days later. SGOT(AST) also increases in congestive failure with centrilobular liver congestion with increased LDH.


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