Prolactin Antibody - Macroprolactinemia

Sample: Serum 1,0 mL (Fresh)

Schedule: Daily

Units: %R (Recovery)

Ref. Values:

   < 40%   Macroprolactimaemia
40 - 50%  Indeterminate
    > 50%  Normal 


Serum prolactin circulates in different forms: monomer mPRL, tetramer bPRL and tetramer bbPRL or macroprolactin, (MW > 100 000 kD).

The major form is the monomer mPRL (85-95%) with less than 1% bbPRL. There are some individuals whose sera contain increased amounts of bbPRL, a phenomenon named macroprolactinaemia, but accompanied often by no clinical symptoms directly due to the hormone excess.
Latest evidence indicates that bbPRL is mostly an IgG-mPRL complex. Prolactin-bound IgG has been named Prolactin Autoantibody and it has been suggested that its aetiopathogenesis may be related to the function of prolactin as an in-vivo modulator of cellular and humoral immunity.


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