Progesterone 17-(OHa)

Sample: Serum (Refrigerate)

Schedule: Wednesday and Friday (RIA)

Units: nmol/L

Factor: nmol/L x 42.82 = ng/dL ng/mL x 3.026 = nmol/L

Range: (See table below) It exhibits diurnal pasttern similar to that of cortisol.

Remarks: 17a-Hydroxy Progesterone is produced in the adrenals, testes, ovaries and placenta and is an intermediate product in the synthesis of Cortisol. High levels of 17-OHa-Progesterone are seen in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (adrenogenital syndrome). Deficiency of the enzyme 21-Hydroxylase blocks the normal synthesis of cortisol leading to compensatory increase of ACTH secretion. This results in adrenal hyperplasi with increased levels of 17a-Hydroxy Progesterone, DHEA and other adrenal steroids. 17a-Hydroxy Progesterone is useful in evaluation of hirsutism and/or infertility and to assess certain adrenal or ovarian tumors with endocrine activity.


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