Osteoporosis Dpd deoxypyrinoline Pyrlinks

Sample: Urine (2 hrs)

Schedule: Daily

Units: nM Dpd/mM Cre

Range: M: Up to 5,4 F: Up to 7,4

Remarks: Dpd (deoxypyrinoline or Pyrlinks D) is a cross-link collagen of type. It is released into circulation during bone resorption and is excreted unmetabolized into urine. Dpd concentrations reflect the true rate of bone turnover. It is used for assessing bone resorption rates in patients with high risk of bone disease High Dpd levels are found in post menopausal women (due to estrogen deficiency), in patients with high bone turnover rate and in hildren . Dpd is particularly useful to monitor therapy in patients with osteoporosis. (See also Bone Alkaline Phoshatase, Calcitonin, Cross laps, Osteocalin,)


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