Mullerian Hormone (Anti)

Sample: Serum (0.5 mL)

Schedule: One week

Status: UK lab

Units: pmol/L

Reference Range:

Ovarian Fertility Potential               pmol/L              ÂÂ

High Level (POS ?)                        > 48.5           ÂÂ
Optimal Fertility                           28.6 - 48.5      ÂÂ
Satisfactory Fertility                    15.7 - 28.6         ÂÂ
Low Fertility                                2.2 - 15.7          ÂÂ
Very Low                                   0.0 - 2.2              ÂÂ

Remarks: AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is produced directly by the ovarian follicles and it levels correlate with the number of antral follicles in the ovaries. Women with lower AMH have lower number of oocytes compared with women with higher AMH levels. AMH levels do not vary with the menstrual cycle and decrease with age. The test is mainly used for evaluating the Fertility Potential and ovarian response in IVF.


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