Lactic Acid

Sample: Li-Heparin, NaF-EDTA, NaF-Oxalate Frozen Plasma

Schedule: Daily

Units: mmol/L

Range: Venous plasma: 0,5 - 2,2 Arterial plasma: 0,5 - 1,6

Remarks: Lactic acid is used to evaluate metabolic acidosis, hypoperfusion, hypoxia, oligouria, heart failure, dehydratation, acidosis in diabetes mellitus or shock. Lactic acidosis in shock may be an indicator of lack of adequate systemic oxygenation. Plasma Lactic acid may be increased after epinephrine treatment, exercise, diabetic ketosis, I.V. Na-Bicarbotante administration and hyperventilation. Some papers claim that high Lactic acid levels in C.S.F. may be due to bacterial meningitis.


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