Sample: Serum 0.5 mL

Schedule: Daily

Units: mg/dL Factor x 0.25 = mmol/L

Range: (See table below) Critical calcium levels if less than 7.0 mg/dL (tetany) and more than 12.0 mg/dL (may induce coma).

Remarks: The most common cause of high serum calcium levels are: Primary hyperparathyroidism (high PTH leves with activation of osteoclasts and bone resorption), and Malignancy (with or without bone metastases). Disorders of calcium metabolism should be evaluated with measurements of alkaline phosphatase, bone specific alkaline phosphatase, serum phosphorous levels, total serum protein and albumin. Often total 24hrs calcium urine is helpul in assessing these disorders.

Calcium, mg/dl

Children 7.0 - 11.5
Adults 8.0 - 10.2

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