Blood Culture

Sample: Sequencial blood samples, aseptically collected (mandatory).

Schedule: Daily



Remarks: Blood cultures are indicated for: Suspected sepsis, meningitis, osteomyelitis, arthritis, or acute untreated bacterial pneumonia (Two blood samples from two different sites). Fever of unknown origin such as that caused by ascesses: initially take 2 blood samples. If cultures are negative, take two more 1-3 days later, allways when body temperature is increased. Suspected early typhoid fever and brucellosis: Obtain four blood cultures over 1-3 days. Endocarditis or acute infective endocarditis: Take 3 blood samples from 3 separate sites during the first 1-2 hours od high body temperature. Subacute infective endocarditis: Take 3 blood cultures within the first 24 hours when body temperature is invreased with not more tha 1 hr intervals (if it is possible). If all 3 culturers are negative after 24hrs, repeat the procedure with two more blood samples, allways when body temperature is raised.


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