Aldosterone suppression test

Sample: Cold serum or EDTA plasma. The patient has to be either on rest or in activemovement (according to the physician΄s instructions) for at least 30 min before the sampling. Collect 2mL of blood in a plain tube previously immersed in ice. Separate the serum immediately after collection and store frozen at less than -20°C. Hemolysis interferes with the test. Transport frozen the specimen to the laboratory in dry-ice following collection.

Schedule: Wednesday and Friday (RIA)

Units: ng/dL

Range: Upright: 4.0-31ng/dL

Supine:1.6 -16 ng/dL

Imporant: Ratio of Aldosteron/Renin > 50 is critical

Remarks: Aldosterone production is inversely correlated with salt intake so aldosterone production should be suppressed in patients after a high salt diet. High or normal aldosterone levels after 3 days of a high salt diet are consistent with hyperaldosteronism.


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